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Human Resource Management System.
Manifold HRIS is a sophisticated employee database solution that helps your HR team to manage employee data with ease, consistency and accuracy. Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our HRIS solutions offer you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-to-day administration.
  • Acts as a central hub of all HR data including creating and storing of comprehensive employee records, with a variety of user-definable information fields
  • Improves monitoring of HR processes ensuring timely handling of tasks
  • Enhances employee interaction by fostering team spirit
  • Helps map employee skills and competency records to better fill in gaps that may arise
  • Captures expense and salary details
  • Generates customized reports and dashboards according to HR requirements
  • Ensures that your employee data is safe from any security breach or hardware failures with regular back-ups and secure servers

Automate your Payroll for all round benefits

Manifold Payroll Software module is designed to handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses across industries. You can easily meet regulatory requirements with our payroll software’s automated support for complex statutory taxation legislations, Our Payroll Software integrates seamlessly with Manifold HRIS and Employee Self Services modules to offer a comprehensive solution that considers leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, contractor payments etc.

Benefits of Manifold Payroll Software
  • Considers taxation rules and provides customizable options
  • Supports a number of variables such as CTC, Basic, HRA, Incentives, Medical Allowance, Transportation Allowance and Travel Allowance
  • Allows multiple salary structures for different salary grades with the flexibility to vary the salary for employees in the same grade
  • Generates cost accounting reports, wage reports (monthly, quarterly and annual) and management dashboards
  • Manages overtime pay and performance incentives to employees using monthly variable sheets
  • Creates comprehensive legal and management reports for smooth submission to government authorities
  • Supports multiple bank accounts for employee salary transfer and multiple payment methods such as cash, check or bank transfer

Manifold Payroll Software has been localized for India and Planning for the Middle East – Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE.

Payroll Software featuring Statutory Reports

Our payroll software offers you an option to use predefined reports that help manage your salaries, statutory compliances and employee records effortlessly. This form allows you to process your payroll in-house and then generate reports regarding salary payouts, deductions, reimbursements, loans, advances and statutory payments, among other records. Companies can therefore employ their own payroll engine and then use our Payroll Software to create detailed records for employee visibility and regulatory requirements. You may also be interested in HRIS, Workflow Software and Employee Satisfaction Survey modules – all part of the Manifold HR Payroll solution for tracking and employing talent best aligned to organizational goals.

Track your employee attendance automatically
Enhance your leave and attendance process with Manifold Attendance Management module. You can track the efficiency of your staff accurately by automating the maintenance of leave and attendance data. The time consuming task of keeping track of attendance data and answering leave queries is handled by the attendance management module, leaving your HR administration free to focus on other core tasks. Our module offers options to view and compute casual, sick, medical and earned leaves separately offering greater transparency to the employee and simplifying administration procedures.
We also offer Attendance Regularization, a feature that helps companies track the history and status of their employees’ attendance using a workflow-driven process. It eliminates manual routing of application forms and allows employees to regularize attendance records on a day-to-day basis in case of travel, training or client visits. This naturally reduces the efforts spent in answering attendance related queries which otherwise most HR departments spend a significant time on.
Manifold Attendance Management also offers the Shift Management feature, to automate, assign, or self-schedule shifts, allowing greater efficiency for both administration and employees.

  • Reduces time spent in employee attendance management including tracking reporting errors
  • Automatically manages leave records of employees
  • Better understanding of the attendance status as employees can access the company’s leave policy, pending leaves and past records
  • Automates the attendance process reducing both time and effort for HR
  • Manages and tracks shifts proactively allowing greater efficiency

Usher in paperless service and improve employee satisfaction

Today organizations are faced with the twin challenges of rising costs and increasing employee expectations. Addressing requests and queries of employees is important to keep them motivated and happy; at the same time, this comes with a cost as requests are diverse in nature and need different kinds of responses. By empowering employees to find the information by themselves, or fulfill the requests on their own, and online, at one stroke, organizations can eliminate inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming paper-based processes for managing employee requests. It can also free up precious resources who can now focus on more strategic functions.

Manifold Employee Self Service module can automate HR processes and enable employee self-service. You can experience speedy decision making, enhanced employee satisfaction and significant savings. This module also offers your employees a transparent and updated view of their profile in the company including employment details, salary structure, leave requests, reporting structure, timesheet, performance management and much more.

Online self-service is a great way to create satisfied employees and is hence a good employee branding tool. It is also one step towards an eco-friendly work environment.

Profile overview in the employee self-service module

  • Enables employees to view their personal details and update data including digital photographs, dependent information, contact address, training details, certifications, experience profile by themselves
  • Comes with workflows to manage HR transactions related to:
    • Leave requests
    • Expenses
    • Applications for open positions
    • Requests for training and seminars
    • Transport requests
    • Travel approvals
    • Complaints and ticket logging
    • Facilities requisition
  • Provides access to company policy documents
  • Allows employees to view past salary slips
  • Offers access to company directory
  • Handles multiple-help desks (such as leave help desk, complaints help desk, travel help desk, accounts help desk etc.) to efficiently manage employee-related processes

Seamlessly tracking team and employee performance

Managers frequently need to work with several teams and deal with multiple employees.They often do not have a handle on important performance details of their team members. Manifold Manager Services module offers your managers a way to better track and manages subordinates by recording employee availability, performance and requests at regular intervals.

The tool allows managers or supervisors to obtain a comprehensive view of employees through their entire lifecycle. Currently, the workflows offered include managing loan requests, travel expenses, rewards, disciplinary incidents, timesheets and so on.

  • Captures resignation or termination details for analysis in the future
  • Allows recommendations for employees depending on performance
  • Recommend promotions and transfers based on organization need, employee career plan and team requirements.
  • Tracks employee behaviour for enabling either promotion, transfer or termination
  • Keeps a record of disciplinary incidents

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